In 2012, H&H became 360’s full-case strategy consulting company.
H&H has helped 360 gradually develop into China’s Internet security center and the No. 1 service platform for Internet security.

Results of H&H’s services for 360:

H&H has helped 360 create a clear and uniform roadmap for enterprise strategy, product development and promotion, advertisement planning, public relations, communication and other aspects. Within just two years, H&H has helped 360 build the brand competitiveness in the security field.
Now, 360 has not only maintained its leading position in the Internet security field, but also developed and launched Internet security rating, Internet security risk index, Internet security report and other products, so that 360 has become the brand with the most deeply rooted in the Internet security field.

All efforts should be one integrated endeavor.

H&H’s services for 360 include the following:
I. Enterprise strategy development
II. Brand strategy management
III. Product structure planning
IV. Proposal on the Development of new products
V. Super symbol creation
VI. Advertisement creation


The enterprise strategy is to gradually develop 360 from a leading brand for Internet security into China’s Internet security center. “360 Internet Security Center” represents the advanced productive force for Internet security, represents the advanced culture of Internet security, represents consumers’ rights to Internet security, and accomplish the mission to protect Chinese consumers’ Internet security, i.e., to provide the complete Internet security solutions through 360’s business combination and product structure.


Discourse is power. Centering on the enterprise strategy to build China’s Internet security center, H&H created the slogan “Security first, use 360” for 360 brand. In this way, the conception “security first” engraved in people’s mind was connected with the 360 security brand and presented in the security warning symbol to seize 360’s undisputed No. 1 discourse right in the security field, which was a typical application of H&H’s super discourse method to the Internet industry.

Centering on the slogan “security first, use 360”, H&H developed the complete set of the discourse system for 360 brand so as to ensure the systematicness and consistency of 360 brand in external communication:

360 – Revolutionary of security technologies

■ Building No. 1 security brand through continuous innovations
■ Setting the industry direction through revolutionary technologies
? Revolutionary change in the conventional anti-virus engine technology —— 360 QVM third-generation anti-virus engine technology
? Revolutionary change in the conventional blacklist technology —— 360 whitelist technology
? Revolutionary change in the conventional virus sample analysis system —— 360 cloud security system
? Revolutionary change in the conventional virus sample analysis system —— 360 cloud security system
? Revolutionary change in the conventional perimeter security concept —— 360 cloud + terminal + perimeter linkage system


The strategy is determined by the mission. As the enterprise development roadmap, the product structure is the overall solution provided by an enterprise to accomplish the mission based on social problems. Specifically, the product structure covers the issues at three levels: the enterprise’s business and product category, the strategic role and strategic task of each product, and the strategic order of product launching. Based on this, H&H made clear the product line for 360 and determined the priority of product communication. In 360’s product structure determined in this way, the knock-out products are core security products are, and the four aspects to be vigorously developed are PC network security, mobile network security, enterprise network security and forthcoming Internet of Things (IoT) security.


1. China Internet Security Conference

To address the low awareness of Internet security, H&H innovatively proposed to “manage public relations in the same way as product development”. Based on this, H&H proposed the public relation product development with the core being 3 knock-out products: Internet security rating, Internet security reporting and Internet Security Conference. Through security light certification, red tomato rating, real-time network security situation map and other visual symbols, the security protection and the security value provided by 360 is made visible; in this way, 360 has a complete set of public relation product combination with Internet Security Conference at the core; such value-representing and adequately visualizable symbols created by H&H for 360 are extensively and continuously communicated through 360’s own media and products; in addition, they have become 360’s unique brand assets, ad 360 has been imitated in both product awareness and product functions.
On September 23, 2013, China Internet Security Conference held by 360 with H&H’s support was officially inaugurated in China National Convention Center in Beijing. The participants included many government information security supervisors, global industry experts, enterprise information security managers, security practitioners and other professionals. The Conference unprecedented attention to Internet security among the public in China. Over the 3 days, there were more than 11,000 participants, rendering the Conference the biggest one in the security industry in 2013.
On September 24, 2014, the Second China Internet Security Conference planned by H&H and held by 360 was grandly unveiled in China National Convention Center in Beijing. After two years of development, China Internet Security Conference had become an information security summit at the highest level in the Asia-Pacific Region, and it was unprecedented in media coverage depth and intensity, social influence and industry assessment. The participants exceeded 10,000 person times. On the next day of the Conference, the prices of all China’s security concept stocks increased significantly. China Internet Security Conference not only witnessed 360’s public appeal and responsibility assumption as China’s No. 1 Internet security brand, but also provided a globally top exchange platform for the peers in the security industry and created huge value for the whole society.

2. 360 Security Guard navigator version

Internet is a typical product and technology-driven industry. In H&H’s opinion, all products are developed based on a concept, i.e., the essence of product is the reason to buy. In addition, H&H believes that all efforts should be one integrated endeavor. For a new product, naming, development, communication and promotion should be considered at the same time.
H&H has helped 360 innovatively develop a number of new products, provided all-round marketing and communication plans in product value identification, naming, communication slogan, event communication and other aspects, so as to increase the product awareness and purchasers in the market.
The launching and popularity of 360 security guard navigator version is a perfect example of this method. On the occasion of 360’s eighth anniversary, H&H proposed to 360 to develop the “navigator version” of 360 security guard, which is 360’s knock-out security product. In this way, the navigator version disseminates the information that “360 has been a navigator in China’s Internet security industry for 8 years”. Therefore, from product naming and product functions to the communication theme “security navigator for your dream” and the communication event “product peeling and sharing”, H&H aimed to not only celebrate 360 brand, but also declare its own potential and offer an opportunity for millions of 360’s fans to express themselves. H&H put forward proposals on the naming, product promotion copywriting, product communication and other aspects of 360 security guard navigator version. In the end, the page of the theme on 360 security guard navigator version was viewed over 150 million times, and the microblog post related to the theme was forwarded over 280,000 times, indicating users’ favorable response.


In H&H’s opinion, a super symbol can reduce the brand communication cost, and render a new brand familiar to millions of people overnight.

1. 360 Internet Security Center
H&H combined 360’s symbol with the wheatear symbol often used by governmental bodies and representing authoritativeness and trustworthiness, and created the brand symbol “360 Internet Security Center”.

2. Security First, Use 360
The visual presentation of 360’s brand slogan “Security First, Use 360” is based on the signpost on the highway. This visual element can directly evoke people’s subconsciousness, arouse people’s attention to the content on the signpost, thereby effectively reducing the communication cost of this slogan.

3. Haosou.com
In the design of the new brand image of 360 Search, the magnifying glass symbol, which had been self-explanatory in the human culture and the Internet products, was used as the blueprint of the super symbol of 360 Search brand, thereby minimizing the cost of remembering 360 Search Engine, a new band and product.


Since 2012, H&H has been the creater and shooter of 360’s all TV advertisements, and deeply participated in the creative design of event themes, offline print advertisements and online network promotion.
1. During the Spring Festival holiday in 2013, H&H created and shot the “no one curbs” and “clown” TV advertisement for 360 mobile phone guard as 360’s mobile security core product and knock-out product, which was firmly targeted at the problem “spam short messages and crank calls are difficult to prevent”. After the release of the advertisement, the number of product users increased explosively.
With malware in smart mobile phones resulting in uninformed fee reduction, the new “preventing uninformed fee reduction and saving traffic“ advertisement for 360 mobile phone guard was broadcast on CCTV during the Spring Festival holiday in

2014. This advertisement closely in line with the industry trend and meeting users’ needs provided a new user growth point for the product.

2. Print media represent the ceremonial sense which cannot be found in network media, so print media have better communication effects for major events. After the master communication advertisement designed by H&H for 360’s 2014 China Internet Security Conference was published on Global Times, the advertisement immediately aroused the public’s attention to information security and this Conference. The report was widely reprinted by media and became an important communication tipping point of the Conference.

3. H&H undertook the creation and design of the network communication contents for the Second China Internet Security Conference. After such multiform contents were released on 360’s own media, the communication of China Internet Security Conference was more effective.

Summary: H&H Methodology Used in the Brand Strategy of 360 Internet Security Center

1. All efforts should be one integrated endeavor
In H&H’s opinion, enterprise strategy, brand image, communication planning, advertisement creation and others should be one integrated endeavor, and should be handled by one team in one system in a one-off manner.

2. The strategy is battling again after victory, just like playing the game of go
The strategy is similar to that in the game of go, resources should be rationally allocated according to the need. H&H makes arrangements for 360’s product and communication while centering on the goal of building 360 Internet Security Center as the No. 1 security service platform, and allocate the enterprise resources to facilitate the achievement of this goal in product development and brand communication, so that each step is in line with the strategic layout.

3. Super symbols are super innovation
The brand image of 360 Internet Security Center, the brand slogan “Security First, Use 360” and the amplifying glass symbol used for 360 Search brand are all super symbols based on the prototypes in the existing human structure, and the symbols are used for the brand to exert more influence.

4. Managing public relations in line with the product development strategy
A product is the reason to buy and the biggest communication medium for the brand. China Internet Security Conference held by 360 is not an ordinary public relation activity, but a public relation product launched in line with the product development strategy. It not only provides the reason to buy the product, but also has the feature of the product as the biggest communication medium for the brand, and more importantly, it is a social service product, the combination of the brand’s business motive and humans’ grand narrative. The Internet Security Conference is 360’s most powerful public relation product and security endorsement, and builds the competition barrier insurmountable for others.


(1) proposed the enterprise strategy of 360 Internet Security Center
(2) developed the brand strategy featured with “Security First, Use 360” and the discourse system for external communication
(3) refined and planned 360’s product structure
(4) proposed the creative ideas for the development and communication of new products
(5) creatively shot and designed all the TV advertisements, major print advertisements and network communication advertisements
(6) wholly planned China Internet Security Conference, and turned it into 360’s most powerful endorsement in the security industry

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